• Critical thinkers...courageous problem-solvers...compassionate community builders.


    Kindergarten at Bridger Creative Science School


    • Constructivism is the idea that meaningful knowledge is actively constructed rather than passively absorbed.


    • Constructivist theory guides our classroom experiences -  activities, environment and daily schedule.


    • Exploration and problem solving are the focus of our program. This approach encourages creative thinking, communication and reflection.


    • A thematic unit of study guides most activities. Recent themes include Becoming a Scientist, Story-making, Mapping and Insects. Literacy, math, science and other curriculum areas are integrated within these big ideas. 


    • Children have extended time for open-ended exploration, play and work with a variety of materials to encourage collaboration, creativity, imagination and curiosity.


    • Children discuss theories, ideas and findings. They learn from one another through listening and sharing their thinking throughout the day.


    • Daily class meetings are a valued time for sharing and planning as a community.


    • We emphasize relationships, community and social-emotional development. Kindness, collaboration, and caring for ourselves and one another are key classroom values.