• Afterschool Dismissal Plan

    How is your child getting home from school?

    In late August before the first day of school, the office will reach out to families to complete a required Bridlemile Student Dismissal Plan via a google form. This form needs to be completed and submitted on or BEFORE your child’s first day of school. 

    This form needs to be filled out for each individual student!

    • K-3rd graders require a bus tag to board the bus. The office will make and distribute tags to those students
    • K students are designated by a yellow bus tag which indicates that they may not get off the bus without a parent present. All other students have a white bus tag. 
    • Bus Number and Route Info: PPS Transportation Bus Routes and Schedules Please note that these schedules may be subject to change.
    • Any deviation from the established dismissal directive needs written notification in advance. Please email or send a written note to the school office. Students without written parental permission will not be allowed to deviate from their routine afterschool transportation plan.