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    Regardless of what you are buying and when, don't forget you can support Bridlemile whenever you shop at Amazon.com!  Use the links below whenever you shop (save to your bookmarks toolbar):


    When you shop on AmazonSmile, they will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to Bridlemile PTA.  In addition, by using the link above a small percentage of EVERY sale will provide funds to the PTA. 

    Please share with friends and family. It's a super easy way to donate to the PTA while making the normal purchases you already make. Contact Kim Mathews xelakann@gmail.com with any questions. 


    PTA Special Events

    Apparel: Find all the right Bridlemile apparel for you and your children. Apparel sales will be announced in the school newsletter.

    Book Fair: Each year the PTA holds a book fair. Books of all types, sizes and reading levels are available for purchase. Also available: computer software, posters, gift items and more. Please note that a percentage of your purchase come back to Bridlemile for use by the Library to purchase books, software and educational support material not only for the library but also for the teaching staff.

    Bridlemile Foundation Community Auction: This is a Bridlemile Foundation Fundraiser and has become one of the highlights of the school year.

    Clothes Closet: The Bridlemile Clothes Closet takes gently used children's clothing and shoes and redistributes them to families in need in the Bridlemile community.  Although PPS has a clothing closet at Marshall High School, this location is too far for most Bridlemile families.  Volunteers sort clothing and then invite children that have parent permission to "shop" in the closet.  All children visiting the closet receive new packages of underwear.  Donations of gently used clothing or new socks and underwear are greatly appreciated and they may be dropped off in the office.

    Community Outreach: The Bridlemile PTA reaches out to families at Bridlemile in need throughout the school year. They solicit interested families in the fall and then help with school supplies, books, clothing, and tickets for Bridlemile events. Assistance includes three trips through the clothing closet, holiday food baskets, and school event scholarships.  Please complete the form that comes home with opening packets if your are interested in any or all of these outreach efforts.

    Field Day: Each year the PTA works with the PE teacher to put on a field day for K-2 and 3-5 grades.

    Fifth Grade Transition: It is a custom at Bridlemile for fifth grade students to raise funds and give a gift to the school.  Gifts have included the bridge and posts near the front entrance and books for the library and fifth grade rooms.  Fifth graders also have many fun traditions the last weeks of school.

    Freaky Friday: Bridlemile’s School Carnival. This is a fun time for all family members. Games, face painting, magic tricks and food are just some of the activities offered in past years. Tickets are sold in advance through the PTA newsletter. Tickets can also be purchased at the door.

    Bridlemile Used Book Sale: If you are looking for a good cause for books your family has finished or if you are looking to find some great reads, the Bridlemile Used Book Sale is the place to be.  During early April we invite families and the community to drop off used books.  With a monumental volunteer effort from the Bridlemile PTA these books are sorted and sold. The primary purpose of this event is to exchange books within our own community.  It is also a fundraiser for the Bridlemile PTA.

    Garden Planting: Over the course of the last few years the garden area around Bridlemile has seen changes.  First the boxes were added, the bioswale was completed (2009), and then a perennial garden was started (2010).  The continued vision includes a semi circle seating area where teachers could meet in an outdoor arena with a classroom and continued expansion of the perennial area.  Every change has been thoroughly enjoyed by the school and the community.  Want to be a part of the work?  For either ongoing maintenance or new ideas talk with the garden coordinator.

    Health and Wellness: The Health and Wellness Committee was started in 2009-10.  It promotes the annual bike and walk events.

    Kindergarten Welcoming Committee: During the summer, parents from Bridelmile host several playdates for incoming kindergarten students.  This is a good way for incoming students and their families to meet one another.

    Missoula Theater:  Missoula Theater is a PTA sponsored week during which a traveling theater group comes in, selects a cast and puts on a performance in one week.  Auditions are open to all students.  This is a fabulous opportunity for students to be a part of a large production that takes only one week of time.

    Music Program: The PTA decorates for each of the three musicals during the school year.  This group consults with the Bridlemile music teacher and then finds decorations to match the theme.

    Reader Board: Several years ago the PTA generously donated the reader board at the corner of the Bridlemile property.  This group confers with the office and keeps the sign updated.

    Room Parent Coordination: Room parents play a key role at Bridlemile as they host classroom parties, solicit volunteers for lunch and recess duty, and help out with many other key communications and volunteer duties.  This person coordinates them all.

    School Directory: Each year the PTA publishes a school directory with information from all families that have approved inclusion.

    5th Grade Science Fair: This is a fair for the celebration of discovery and creativity. All fifth graders have a chance to show off their cool science projects, and enter the Intel Northwest Science Expo.

    Science Night: See science demos, try out some brainteasers, and more. It is an Open House format so families may drop by during the evening to view science fair projects and see other cool science displays.

    Tree Sale and Pancake Breakfast: This is a Bridlemile Foundation Fundraiser - Stop by and enjoy a hearty, freshly cooked breakfast and find your holiday goodies.

PTA leadership

  • PTA Officers for 2018-19

    • President - Jen Moylan
    • President Elect - Lindsay Warner
    • VP Fundraising - Jada Livingston
    • Secretary - Nikki Desmond
    • Treasurer - Ryan Bass
    • Asst. Treasurer - Mariah Fairben
    • Member at Large - Kendra Wise
    • Past President Emeritus - Kristin Cornuelle


    Standing Committee Board Members

    • Membership - Christie Doerr
    • Volunteer Coordinator - Mona Rogers
    • Room Parent Coordinator - Mona Rogers
    • Technology - Stuart Peschka
    • Community Outreach- Monika Johnson
    • Sustainability – Deedra Weill

    Special Commitee Board Members for 2018-19

    • 5th Grade Transition/Yearbook - Jen Moylan & Kristin Cornuelle
    • All Access Pass - Christie Doerr
    • Apparel - Emily Roach
    • Bike/Walk Fest - Ted Savage
    • Charleston Gift Wrap Fundraiser - Christie Doerr
    • Chinook Book - Heather Keeling
    • Clothes Closet - Sarah Dorst
    • Disaster Preparedness - Frederic Rosqvist
    • Field Day - Mona Rogers
    • Food/Nutrition Services - Kristin Cornuelle
    • Food Pantry - Robin Hartmeyer & Mona Rogers
    • Freaky Friday Carnival - Mariah Fairben & Amber Barratt
    • Garden Committee - Rich Hatfield & Shelley Hamilton
    • Harvest Fair - Lindsay Warner & Susie Jones
    • Halloween Dance - Kristin Peschka
    • Kindergarten Connect/Welcome Committee - Jen Moylan, Carynne Drake, & Marisa Bursett
    • Library - open
    • Mazama Lodge - Susie Jones
    • Middle School Advocate - Katie McGuire & Kendra Wise
    • Missoula Children's Theater - Monika Johnson
    • Music Program Decorations - Monika Johnson, Carynne Drake, & Sarah Porter
    • OBOB (Battle of the Books) - Kelly Gillespie
    • Outreach - Monika Johnson & Rachael Suchara
    • Passport Club - Riikka Marr & Brynne Black
    • Reader Board - Jessica Deschler
    • Restaurants - Katie McGuire
    • Run for the Arts - Mona Rogers
    • Scholastic Book Fair - Ann Shih
    • School Directory/Advertising - Leslie Gillis
    • School Pictures - Emily Breuer
    • School Supply Distribution - Janine Partovi
    • Science Night - Jennifer Whitten
    • Sees Candies Fundraiser - Heather Keeling
    • Special Education - Kristin Cornuelle
    • Used Book Sale (Spring)- Kelly Gillespie