• Volunteers are Welcomed at Bridlemile

    Bridlemile would not be the same without the work of volunteers.  We thank you for considering a volunteer opportunity.

    Step 1: All volunteers complete a Criminal History Background Check.  Portland Public Schools pays the fee for this step.  Apply online at:


    The background check needs to be completed every three years and once it is completed it is good for all Portland Public Schools.


    Step 2: Once you have received an email notification from Security Services that your background check has cleared, please notify the front office staff so you can be added to the school's Volunteer Database.


    Step 3: If you are a volunteer we must have a VOLUNTEER CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT Form on file for you, this is a state law. Forms are in the office next to the sign-in laptop, or you can download the form here.  Please make sure to fill out and turn into the office on or before the first time you come in to volunteer.

    A volunteer’s involvement includes, but is not limited to:

    • Assisting teachers and school administration
    • Offering tutoring or enrichment activities to students
    • Participating in school organizations such as PTAs
    • Providing counsel to the school district as members of advisory committees
    • Improving school grounds and buildings


    Step 4: Find the right opportunity for you.


    Completed and current background checks are required for all field trips. We strictly enforce this, please call the office to check your background status 503-916-6292.