• Official Ainsworth Foundation Webpage

    The Ainsworth Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization of volunteer parents who are dedicated to raising financial support from parents and the wider community for our school. Each year, the Foundation’s efforts help provide a dependable flow of supplementary funds for teachers, assistants and specialists. The money raised by the Foundation bridges the gap between what public funding provides and what is required to provide the excellent education we all want for our children. The Red Ball, an annual gala that includes silent and live auctions, is organized by the Foundation and raises a substantial portion of its annual funds.

    • Co-President: Stephen Chen
    • Co-President: Naira Perez
    • Co-President: Sam Anderson
    • Secretary: Naomi Tsurumi
    • Treasurer: Raluca Mocanu


    2018-19 Foundation Board Representation
    Grade Level Spanish Rep English Rep
    Kindergarten Heather Krom Jamie Howsley
    First Grade  Kristi Langdon (+5th) Amy Charlton
    Second Grade Naira Perez Meg Hollinger (+5th)
    Third Grade John Raff  
    Fourth Grade  Tonka Formigle (+2nd)  
    Fifth Grade  Amy Dougherty (+3rd, +K) Sam Anderson
    Secretary Naomi Tsurumi  N/A
    Treasurer Raluca Mocanu (2nd) N/A
    President Stephen Chen (3rd)  
    Red Ball Chair Meagan Lake: Auction co-chair Julie Kafoury: Auction co-chair
      Kelsey Murphy: Auction co-chair  

    Positions still open: 3rd and 4th English class reps, English co-president.