Site Council

  • Site Council is a volunteer group at Ainsworth Elementary that supports the principal with the overall academic direction of the school, focusing on school improvement initiatives. Each year, a small group of parents and staff representatives are selected to serve on Site Council for a two-year cycle.

    Our work aligns to the Ainsworth Comprehensive Achievement Plan (CAP). The staff and community prioritized the following 3 indicators from Oregon's School Level Indicators. Site Council will set goals and measure our growth in these areas:

    DSC1.6 School staff coordinates and integrates services and programs with the aim of optimizing the entire educational program to improve student learning.

    By June 1st of 2018, 100% of staff will implement at least one Tier 1 and Tier 2 academic program and one Tier 1 and Tier 2 social emotional curriculum as documented on PLC templates and the school-wide TFI.

    EE2.2 Educator Effectiveness 2.2 - All teachers use instructional strategies and initiatives that are grounded in evidence-based practices, strengthen the core academic program, increase the quality and quantity of learning time, and address the learning needs of all students.

    By June 1st of 2018, 100% of intensive and strategic students will move up one level in fluency as measured by IDEL, Dibels & Easy CBM and we will decrease the discrepancy between HU and non HU students by 50%.

    FC3.1 School staff create and maintain a welcoming environment for all families and community members.

    By June 1st of 2018, 100% of the criteria for a welcoming environment will be completed as measured by the Site Council’s Survey results.


    Site Council Members 2019-2020


    • Andrew Johnson, Principal
    • Angela Bustamante-Jenkins, Assistant Principal
    • Sam Einnerson, 4th grade Teacher
    • Matt Hogan, School Counselor


    • Eleanor Gil Kashiwabara, Spanish Immersion parent
    • Simone Goldfeder, Spanish Immerion parent
    • Michela Bedard, Spanish Immersion Parent

    Site Council Members 2020-2021

    Are you interested in joining the Site Coucil?  Please contact Andrew Johnson( or Angela Bustamante-Jenkins (


Site Council Agenda and Notes