• ****During COVID-19 related school closures, new students/families should first contact the district's Enrollment and Transfer Center via email at enrollment-office@pps.net, or via phone at 503-916-3205. ****

    Download registration forms here

    Online Enrollment is currently available -only- for students who will be Kindergarteners in Fall 2020 and have never before been registered as PPS students.

    *Kindergarteners MUST be five on or before Sept. 1 of the enrolling year, unless they have early entry permission from the TAG office. We need a kindergarten registration packet that has been completed and returned; a copy of the child's birth certificate, passport, or hospital certificate to prove their age; a completed copy of the Oregon Immunization card; and two items proving residency in our area (rental agreement, real estate closing, utility bill, etc.). If your child has a 504/IEP, please bring a copy along with your completed packet when registering your child.



    Only COMPLETED packets can be returned to the school office between 8am and 3pm for processing by the school secretary. 

    Regarding Registration Packets:

    1. They must be returned in person, complete, before the child will be placed in a classroom.
    2. All necessary backup documents (birth certificate/passport; Oregon immunizations; and 2 current proofs of address, or one proof and a declaration of residency) must accompany the packet when returned before we can place the student. Students must have one dose of each required immunization before starting school.

    Transportation: Students who live more than 1 mile (curb to curb) from Chapman may be eligible to ride a bus. Check here for information.

    Please note: We do not have any lottery spaces open at this time, and we do not foresee any in the future due to high enrollment within our boundaries. If you have any questions about boundaries, schools or school choice, please call the Enrollment and Transfer Center at 503-916-3205.

    *Also, if you return a packet to a school that does not serve your grade level, please be aware that there will be a delay in its arrival as it is transferred in interdistrict mail between campuses, which could affect your student's start date if it is turned in for this school year.