• Photos of Old Woodmere

    A Civil War veteran visited Woodmere around 1918. This picture was taken in front of the old Woodmere building.

    Former Woodmere teacher Paul Roscoe took several pictures and put them together to form a panorama of the old Woodmere playground. He wrote, "This is a view from my window of the old Woodmere School in 1949 looking north over your present site." 80th Avenue is on the right, Duke Street is at the top, and 78th Avenue is on the left.

    Another view of the old Woodmere from the corner of 80th Ave. and Duke St. looking south. The "new" Woodmere is located where the open field in this picture is. (Photo courtesy of Oregon Historical Society. OHS #76614)

    This is the east entrance to the old school on 80th Ave. Many students rode bikes to school because there were no school buses for the Woodmere attendance area. (Photo courtesy of Oregon Historical Society. OHS #76615)

    Woodmere had a school garden in 1913, when this photo was taken. (Photo courtesy of Oregon Historical Society. OHS #86924)

    Woodmere students and teachers from the mid-1910s.

    These fourth graders from the 1950s are showing off their display on the history of Oregon.

    Woodmere's PTA from the 1954-55 school year took time out for a group photo.