•  The policies and expectations at Woodmere regarding how we treat each other remain the same in our online community. Online communication needs to remain

    Safe: be warry of cyber safety in the online setting and help to keep the community a safe place by not engaging and reporting any toxic interactions

    Responsible: Take owner ship of your learning and stay engaged even when it gets difficult. Remember part of being responsible is asking for help when you need it. 

    And Respectful: Kindness, kindness, kindness. We can disagree and still be respectful. 

    As we plan for the possibility of a reopening schools in the future please note that routines found in our climate plan most likely will be changed to address social distancing needs. 


    The climate plan is a living document and as part of our commitment to building an anti racist school will be seeing updates throughout the year.  Families can comment directly on the document or share where policies may be missing the mark with me at Kpolizos@pps.net