• Principal: Katherine Polizos Secretaries: Teresa Pfenning &  Melinda Kralicek
    Grade levels: K-5 19-20 enrollment: 290
    feeds to Middle school: Lane High school: Franklin
    Principal's cell phone : 971-347-8481 Fax: (503) 916-2687
    Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN): (503) 734-5423 e-mail: kpolizos@pps.net


    Woodmere  Vision Statement

    Woodmere strives to be a school that promotes the values of Kindness,Creativity, Hardwork & Anti-Racism throughout our community.


    Extended Day Program

    In partnership with Portland Impact, , Woodmere provides the SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) Extended Day Program Monday-Friday from 3:00-5:00.


    Business Partnerships

    Business organizations support the school through direct resources and through employee time volunteering in SMART (Start Making A Reader Today). We have 60 volunteers on a weekly basis.

    In addition, Woodmere enjoys a business partnership with Portland Impact, a non-profit service agency for family support. The following organizations also support programs at Woodmere:

    Curriculum Components:

    A variety of teaching methods targeting students with different learning styles and learning needs.

    Early reading and math intervention are built into the schedule and supported by our Academic support reading block which takes place 5 days a week k-5.  

    Instructional support for students through services from Special Education, Chapter I, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Talented and Gifted (TAG) programs.

    Parents/Family Support

     Families are welcomed and supported at Woodmere in the education of their children. Woodmere families have formed a Woodmere Parent group. This group meets monthly in the cafeteria. Dates and times can be found on the school calendar and all families are welcome and encouraged to come.  Families are encouraged to volunteer at school and are welcomed in the Parent/Community Volunteer room daily. The school and SUN hosts several Family curriculum nights and performance events throughout the year. These may include: picnics, learning to read with your child, clothing give-aways, all-school dance, math, science, and game nights, book fairs, multicultural family festivals and a carnival. Family participation and school success are recognized and fully encouraged.

    Special Programs

    SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods)- Woodmere partners with Impact NW to provide Fall, Spring and Winter sessions of SUN classes. While class offerings shift each term students are offered a wide array of enrichment and intervention classes to take part in. The SUN coordinator also runs a food backpack program for families in need of food assistance. More information about our SUN program by following their link. 

    The Shadow ProjectThe Shadow Project has been collaborating with Woodmere Elementary since 2012, providing to its special education teachers an innovative, incentives-based goal-setting program to help build a growth mindset—the idea that struggle and perseverance and, even failure, grow the brain. Children work toward academic and social goals, and celebrate small milestones. They can earn ‘Shadow Bucks’ to buy books, sensory tools, gifts, and literacy supplies, at the ‘Shadow Store,’ building confidence, courage, and critical thinking. In 2016, Shadow installed a SuperSensory Literacy Space in Woodmere’s Learning Center, a special quiet area with an array of print and audiobooks and sensory materials for timed breaks, reading, classwork, and testing. Shadow volunteers regularly visit Woodmere students in special education to provide 1:1 coaching on audiobooks specially designed for children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism. In 2017, Shadow trained all Woodmere teachers on how to incorporate sensory materials into their curriculum so children with special needs have access to the tools they need throughout their school day.

    Please send comments or suggestions to: kpolizos@pps.net