Family and Teachers of Whitman (PTA)

  • Curious about being on the Families and Teachers of Whitman PTA board team next year?  Like to partner with positive folks who work together to make our school better for our students, families, and staff?  Coming to a board meeting is a good way to get a feeling for what’s involved.

    feb board agenda

    What is Families and Teachers of Whitman?

     It’s a place for Whitman families to connect with each other and support our school community.  

    What do we do?

     We build relationships, raise money for school programs, and help with school events.

     When do we meet?

     We have 3 general meetings per year - check back for details!  


    Got questions?  Want to help?

    Chris -

    Alicia -

    Evin -



    What are our values?

    Collaboration   Diversity   Commitment   Respect   Accountability