• Dear Marysville Families,
    We welcome you to join the Marysville Family Club. There is no fee to join and everyone is welcome; parents, grandparents, friends and community members can all get involved. At Family Club we plan activities for the school, raise money for projects, and talk about more ways to create a fun, supportive community for all of the students, family and staff at Marysville!
    The Marysville Family Club meets on the 1st Friday of the month just after drop-off (9:00AM) in the cafeteria. 
    Marysville is collecting Box Tops and Labels for Education through the Family Club!
    We are collect Box Tops and Labels for Education for our school. Please take a few minutes to see if you have any and watch for them on products you buy.  Tell your family and friends, this will be an ongoing collection throughout the year.  We are hoping to use these resources to help supplement the Arts program at the school.

    If you would like get more involved or have any questions please email the Marysville Family Club at: