• Counselor Message

    Happy 2021! This is going to be a busy month of well-being! We start out practicing appreciation, then jump into neuroplasticity and the difference between good stress vs bad stress, and we’ll end the month with some mindful movement. All of these topics can be helpful at home as well as at school. Feel free to reach out for information on ways to do that. 

    I also want to share a few resources with you. This Grounding Moment practice is a great way to practice mindfulness at home, for all members of the family. And if you are noticing increased anxiety at home these days or are just looking for fun, creative ways to manage anxiety, Create More, Fear Less is a wonderful, free resource with activities for anyone to do at home. I regularly use these activities during small groups with students who have extra worries and anxious thoughts. Check ‘em out and let me know what you make!

    As always, if you have any questions or you are curious about additional emotional supports for your children please reach out. I’m happy to chat, brainstorm, offer suggestions or just listen. Be well.

    Sara Fuller, Marysville School Counselor



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    At Marysville we are continually growing our mindfulness practice through lessons on gratitude, kindness, perspective, community-building and optimism, to name a few.

    Evidence of our mindfulness practice can be found throughout the school from our brain breaks in each class, each morning; the Well-being Wednesday lessons; the peace corners in the classrooms where students can take a short, self-initiated break when needed; and our yoga and movement room where students participate in weekly yoga classes.


    Well-being Wednesdays

    On Wednesdays each classroom takes part in a mindfulness lesson. The topic of these lessons range from mindful tasting, to compassion, to optimism and culminates at the end of the year with a school-wide initiative to give back to our community through student chosen service projects.