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    Save the Date

    The 2020 Glencoe Auction will be held on March 7th at the World Forestry Center in Washington Park. Visit our auction site: Glencoe Foundation Auction

    The Glencoe School Foundation is the sister organization to our school’s PTA.  The PTA raises funds to help teachers and students with supplies, activities, events, field trips and other enriching activities.  The Foundation raises funds to pay for additional staffing support that is not allowed by PTA rules.  The Foundation aims to raise $80,000 over the year through the Grow Glencoe Auction and other direct donations to pay for our reading specialist, our on-site IT Support, and other much needed school and teaching staff.

    Glencoe School Foundation is affiliated with All Hands Raised, an independent, non-profit oranization. The purpose of the Foundation is to work with the community to address the needs of all our learners and to enhance (not replace) public funding of schools. At the district level, All Hands Raised provides grants to promote innovation, excellence, and equity in education. They also support local school fundraising.

    For more information, visit All Hands Raised at All Hands Raised

    Donate an item:

    Please join us in our effort to reach our fundraising goal of $80,000 this year by donating a gift certificate, service, vacation home, experience or item to be auctioned. If you have questions about what items are appropriate, please reach out to the contacts below.  Donations can be made here:

    Donate an Item

    Donate Money

    Consider making a sustainable monthly contribution (100% tax deductible) at All Hands Raised

    Glencoe Foundation Officers:

    Chair Susan Hoar