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    2020-21 PTA Officers: 
    Please don’t hesitate to contact any of your PTA officers if you have questions or concerns regarding the Glencoe PTA. Thank you for your interest and support!

     ~ President

     ~ Vice President, Membership

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    Isabel Johnson ~ Treasurer

    Davida Jordan ~ Communications/Outreach

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    The Glencoe PTA strives to strengthen the family-school-community partnership by providing opportunities to be involved in the education, health, and well being of children in our community. Studies show that parent and public involvement are essential to the successful education of our children.

    A first step in this involvement is joining the PTA - it's a great place to share ideas, enthusiasm and expertise. Please attend our monthly PTA meetings.  

    PTA Membership 
    The Glencoe PTA individual membership fee is $15.00. By joining the Glencoe PTA you will automatically also become a member of the Oregon PTA and National PTA. By adding our individual voices to those of parents of school children across Oregon and the nation, we increase the impact the PTA has when we lobby legislators and government decision-makers to provide our kids with the best and most well-rounded educational experience possible.

    Even if you can’t attend PTA meetings or volunteer a lot of time, your membership speaks volumes about your support for providing the best possible education for your child and all his or her peers. We hope all Glencoe moms, dads, grandparents and other family members and friends will consider becoming Glencoe PTA members!

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    PTA does several fundraisers throughout the year including gift-wrap sale, plant sale, popcorn/coffee/cookie sales, and the Scholastic Book Fair. In addition to these one time a year fundraisers, PTA has fundraisers that make money all year. Restaurant partners happen monthly, AmazonSmile, Benefit Mobile, Escrip and Fred Meyer Rewards are ongoing through the year.

    Restaurant Partners

    Local restaurants and retail businesses partner with Glencoe monthly; we bring in business on a designated evening and the restaurant donates a percentage of their sales to our PTA. Last year we raised $4,000 for the PTA while enjoying good food and supporting local businesses!

    This year we welcome several new restaurants and continue with some Glencoe crowd pleasers. If you have a connection with a local restaurant or business we might partner with, please contact Davida Jordan davidaschoem@gmail.com / (503) 756-8225.


    Shop at Amazon using our link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/93-1009335

    "Fred Meyer Rewards" Program
    Fred Meyer has a program called "Community Rewards" through which the store will donate to nonprofits chosen by customers. This is an opportunity to support Glencoe without spending any additional money while receiving the same Rewards points and rebates as before. To choose Glencoe, just find your Rewards card account number and go to:http://fredmeyer.com/communityrewards. Click on the "Link Your Rewards Card Now" button. You can either search for "Glencoe" or just enter our ID number, YM269.

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