• Joseph L. Meek Professional Technical High School provides students with all the courses and experiences necessary to obtain a high school diploma and is much smaller than a comprehensive high school, allowing dedicated teachers to relate academic learning to events affecting students' lives both in and out of school. Each student has an individualized, self-paced learning plan allowing quick progress through easily learned material and additional time for detailed study of challenging material.


    This individualized reading program helps students increase confidence as their skills increase. Diagnostic reading tests determine skill areas which need improvement, and students earn credit based on improved scores on standardized tests.

    Language Arts

    Literature, written composition (including prewriting, compositions and editing), language mechanics (spelling and punctuation), usage, grammar, and parts of speech are elements in the Language Arts curriculum. Class work focuses on improvement of oral and written skills related to reading and writing. Instruction enables students to pursue improved self-expression, employment, or further education. A portion of the Language Arts curriculum is individualized to accommodate the ever-changing composition of the classroom.


    This course is designed to meet the needs of each student. Through daily mini-sessions, status-of-the-class, and content and editing conferences students learn the mechanics of writing and build skills within the context of their own writing. Additionally, students are immersed in literature in order to expose them to numerous writing styles. Students must show improvement of writing skills in their written work to earn credit. Content and editing conferences are utilized to teach the writing process.

    Social Sciences

    This course familiarizes students with History, Civics, Geography and Economics, including Personal Finance concepts. Students learn historical facts and relate them to past, present and future events. Government studies develop understanding of the relationship between rights and responsibilities. Law concepts introduce practical topics such as individual rights, family, housing, and consumer issues. Students gain an awareness of the interrelated nature of the world community. Economics is integrated throughout the course.


    A comprehensive general math curriculum is the core of the math program. Competency with whole numbers, decimals, measurement, percentages, number systems, probability, tables, graphs, estimation, and story problems form the foundation of general math. Basic algebra, geometry, and advanced algebra are also offered.


    Science is an integrated survey course covering a wide variety of life and physical science competencies established by the Portland Public School District. The courses are individualized to meet the needs of each student.


    This course, taught once weekly, is designed to teach students a sense of possibility and to improve self-concept and relationship skills. Students design and implement a group project that makes use of skills learned in the vocational classroom.

    Personal Health

    The individualized Personal Health course covers five areas required by the state of Oregon: Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Safe Living, Life Cycles, and Stress and Risk Taking. General as well as specific topics are offered to complete this required credit.

    Physical Education

    Students plan an individualized program of off-campus activities with the Principal to acquire the hours to earn P.E. credit. Past students earned hours by participating in community bicycle events, running events, martial arts, dance, or working out at their gym. The first 1/4 credit can be earned through completing a written packet of work. Advanced planning with the Principal is needed to begin counting hours of physical activity.

    Limited English Proficiency

    Limited English Proficiency students may be enrolled at Joseph L. Meek Professional Technical High School. Students are enrolled in the regular education program and do not receive ESL instruction.

    Educational Resource Center

    The Special Education ERC students may not enroll unless they are able to have their Individualized Education Program needs met in the mainstreamed classes. No ERC classroom exists. Students get help from an ERC teacher who works with staff and students to provide academic and social skills support.