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    Smaller Classes.  Greater Choices.




    Donate!  West Sylvan Foundation is still fundraising!  An average donation of $200 per student will go a long way toward smaller class sizes and more elective choices.  To make a direct donation to West Sylvan Foundation NOW, click on the DONATE button at the top of this page.


    Foundation Team

    Chelsea Heiser- President
    Julia Qin- Treasurer
    Andrea Nitta - Secretary and Free Money Program Coordinator
    Cheryl Dallner , Sehra Samson, Andrea Nitta - Donate-a-thon Coordinators
    Katherine Kurtz - Spirit Wear Coordinator
    Members - Irma Valdez, David Reese, Christina Bevans, Jennifer Hill, Laura Hammond, Sandy Moore

    Follow the West Sylvan FOUNDATION on 

    INSTAGRAM:  @west.sylvan.foundation

    FACEBOOK:   @westsylvanfoundation