• Traffic flow map Capitol Hill Elementary School Circulation:

    Capitol Hill Elementary School Circulation:


    Hello, Capitol Hill Elementary families and friends! We would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our circulation map provided by PBOT’s Safe Routes to School team. After our observation, we came to the consensus that your current circulation plan is as efficient as it can be, and that you (parents/caregivers) are doing a great job of minimizing vehicular traffic on SW Carson St and keeping traffic flowing counterclockwise to mitigate congestion! That being said, we do have some suggestions that may improve pedestrian safety:


    • Avoid turning left onto SW 17th Ave from SW Spring Garden during arrival.

    • Avoid parking on the east side of the street to drop off your students.

    • While crossing SW Spring Garden be extra cautious of cars turning from SW 17th Ave. If you see another group of people walking to school, we suggest crossing together as larger groups of people are generally more visible to drivers!

    • After dropping off your student(s), remember to yield for pedestrians if you are turning right onto SW Spring Garden.



    Parent Parking:

    • Visitor designated parking is available in the parking lot
    • Parents/students must use the front entryway
    • Designated ADA spaces - 17th


    Parent Pick-Up:

    • K-2 picked up outside their exterior classroom doors
    • 3rd & 4th grade pickup is in the parking lot by stairs
    • 5th grade is picked up at the corner of the building on the NE corner by the parking lot