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    New Special Education Parent and Community Coordinator

    Greetings Parents, Educators and Community Members! My name is Noelle Sisk and I am the new Special Education Family and Community Coordinator for PPS.

     My desire is to work educators and parents of children with disabilities in ways that demonstrates respect for their differing roles while simultaneously bringing them together toward the same goal, the social-emotional well being and academic success of children with disabilities.

     I bring many years of collaborative expertise in systems change, advocacy, and passion for this work.

     I am a former director for FACT Oregon, Oregon’s Parent Training and Information Center. I have worked statewide to support children who experience disability in having equal access to their education and communities. Serving both educators and families is a complex and nuanced role and I am very dedicated to creating partnerships where historically misunderstandings and frustration have been the norm. I believe that to create a truly collaborative environment that builds trust and moves the work in a positive direction will only increase the successful outcomes for ALL students in Portland Public Schools.

    I am a parent first and foremost. I have 3 children in PPS of which my oldest daughter experiences disability. This has built my skill and deep commitment to being student and family centered. This deep understanding of the value of each and every child is what sustains my commitment in this equity work.

    Noelle Sisk
    Special Education Family and Community Coordinator



    PPS Resources for Parents


    Section 504
    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal civil rights statute that prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities.

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    New Laws and Legislation

    SUN Community School
    SUN Community Schools are a collaboration between Multnomah County Department of School, Portland Parks & Recreation, and Portland Public School District. The program aims to support education, social services, multicultural and cultural arts, recreation and leisure services, health services, and community involvement.

    Community Resource Intervention Process

    The Community Resource Intervention Process is a resource for all Portland Public Schools teams, students and families. This resource is managed by staff in Student Success & Health and Special Education