• Dear Kelly Families,


    I hope you are enjoying your summer. We continue to keep the essential needs of our families a priority as we prepare for the 2020-21 school year. As you know, PPS announced last week that all PPS schools will be online until at least November. You can see the announcement by clicking here. I understand some families may still need  to borrow a computer and may need internet access. PPS is committed to helping families receive both.


    Please complete this Kelly Student Technology Survey to tell us what your technology needs are for the upcoming year.  We will work with you to find a time to pick up a computer from the school and determine the best option for internet access. 


    We look forward to connecting with all of our families soon.


    Be well,

    Sarah Fish

    Principal of Kelly


    School-Family Communication


    School Messenger:  School Messenger will be our primary means of communication with families. It is linked to Synergy, our student information system. So, it is important that you keep your contact information up to date to ensure you are receiving messages and updates from school. School messenger allows us to send out emails, phone calls, and text alerts. Routine information will be sent out using email; urgent or time sensitive information will be sent out using phone or text. 

    Kelly Website:The website is a great place to find contact information for staff, school related documents, and a calendar of events.  Each Sunday, a family bulletin is posted on the website with important information about school initiatives and events. 

    Backpacks:    Classroom teachers may send communications home with your child.  Please check backpacks daily. 


    It is not uncommon for parents to have questions about their child’s program or an incident which took place at school. We encourage parents to contact teachers whenever they have a question or concern. Our teachers work with your children every day. We know them as individuals and as members of a group. If there is a problem or unresolved question, the teacher is the best person to contact.

    Teachers will sometimes involve the principal in cases such as serious peer conflict or behavior problems, counseling needs, bus problems or special academic concerns. Parents are encouraged to contact the principal if they still have questions or concerns after consulting with the child’s teacher or if they have an issue needing his/her immediate attention.

     If you wish to conference with the teacher or principal, please email, or call for an appointment at 503-916-6350. We will try to accommodate your request as quickly as possible. During the students’ day it can be difficult for a teacher to come to the phone. All staff have voicemail and calls can be forwarded directly to a teacher’s voice mailbox from the main office number, 503-916-6350.  Email is often a more effective way to get a communication to a classroom teacher. Please check the staff page on the Kelly website for teacher email addresses. 



    It may be difficult to call the school and speak with a teacher immediately. The best approach is to call and leave a message for the teacher to return your call. Consider dropping a note to the teacher or contacting through email.


    We are unable to pass on messages or take phone calls for students except in the case of emergency.

    Please make after school arrangements with your student before school. Calls forwarded to classrooms interrupt instruction therefore calls will only be placed directly to classrooms during the instructional day in case of emergency.


    Use of the office telephones by students is limited to emergencies or teacher approved calls. Only the student making the call is to be in the office. All telephone calls are limited to 3 minutes. Please check with the secretary before making your call.



    Parent/Teacher Conferences provide an opportunity for parents to discuss the school’s programs, student’s academic progress, and any other concerns. Parent Conferences are scheduled for November and specific dates will be shared in our weekly family bulletin.  Parents may sign up for conferences during Back to School Night on September 19th. If you cannot attend the Back to School Night, please contact your child’s teacher for a conference time. 



    We believe that children benefit from learning in a classroom that is representative of the greater community in which they live. For this reason, class assignments take into account many factors, maximizing the intellectual, emotional, and social development of each child. Each new school year gives your student an opportunity to develop new friends and an opportunity to work with new classmates. This is a life-long skill that is necessary for joining new groups, clubs, and teams, as well as success in middle school, high school, and beyond. School staff put a great deal of effort and energy into smoothing the transition between grade levels. Current teachers assist with the process by providing information about each child’s skills levels, behavior, leadership skills, and special needs. The lists are then balanced for gender, diversity, achievement levels, leadership qualities, behavior, and special needs. Our objective is to find the best match so all children meet both academic and social goals.



    The responsibility for dress and grooming of a student rests primarily with the student and their parent or guardian.  Ordinarily, a student’s dress or grooming shall not affect their participation in school classes or programs, or in school activities.  If, however, the dress or grooming of a student interferes with the educational climate or process, or is unclean or a threat to health or safety of the student or any other person, the school has a legitimate concern and may require the student to change their dress or grooming. (Board Policy 4.50.012) No student will be allowed to dress in any gang-related attire.  Clothing worn to school must be free from any inappropriate messages or pictures which promote alcohol and other drug use, or which have sexual connotations. Clothing must adequately cover the body, including undergarments and midriffs. PPS’s Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook has more detailed information concerning dress and grooming.