• Services for Exceptional Learners



    The goal of the ESL/Bilingual staff is to facilitate the acquisition of English as a second language in oral, written and literacy skills. Skills are taught to students at different levels depending on their abilities upon entry into the program during content instruction. We encourage students to continue to use their first language as they build skills in English. 



    Kelly’s SIT team reviews student data to identify small group interventions that may support a student struggling with behavior or academic concerns. Student growth is monitored closely in these interventions and used to determine next steps for instruction or support. 

    Portland Public Schools offers special education services to students meeting the eligibility criteria. When a teacher or a parent has concerned about academic progress, speech and language skills, or the student’s behavior, the child may be referred to SIT team who will review current data and may institute a tier 2 intervention or move to request additional assessment to consider special education services. This committee includes the counselor, instructional coach, school psychologist, and the assistant principal. If parents believe their child may need the services provided by the school’s special education department, please contact your child’s teacher for further information about referring them to SIT. 



    Two Speech-Language Pathologists are assigned to Kelly School.  They work with students who are eligible for speech and language intervention.  Students who have communication problems due to expressive and/or receptive language deficits, or who stutter, or whose speech is hard to understand may be eligible to be served by the Speech-Language Pathologists. If you have concerns about your child’s speech please contact your teacher. 



    Your child now has access to a SuperSensory Movement Space at school through The Shadow Project.  This is a dedicated space to give Kelly students a place to calm their bodies and focus their brains for learning through fun, supervised movement courses.  Kids will take timed 10-20 minute breaks in this space, doing activities such as balance beam walks, bodysock stretching, and tunnel crawls. Schools with similar spaces say that it help kids stay focused during class, and reduces behavior that gets in the way of learning.  If you would like more information about The Shadow Project, please visit shadow-project.org.


    Portland Public Schools identifies and provides services for students with exceptional academic talents or intellectual gifts. Our goal is to provide appropriate educational programs and services through instructional, curricular, and administrative modifications to create educational opportunities for TAG students to maximize their potential.

    In the Fall of 2018, parents and teachers may nominate students for TAG testing. Nomination forms will be available from your teacher or on the TAG bulletin board.  Test scores and other factors such as students work will be considered to determine if the student is eligible. For more information contact Kelly TAG Coordinator.