• West Sylvan Drama Club


    2022 - 2023
    Starting Wednesday, September 7th at 4pm

    Come join in and learn about the
    world history of theatre, gain skills to perform on stage, and hang out with
    peers who share an interest in drama like you!

    Club will meet
    Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays
    (unless told otherwise beforehand)
    from 4pm-6pm.

    Club meetings will include:
    - Learning theatre basics and performing scenes and short monologues!
    - Studying the history of theatre from Ancient Greece to Modern Broadway!
    - Beginning the fundamentals of improv and playing fun games!
    - All leading up to a final performance showcase for parents and friends before the winter break!

    Parents, please note that a participatory donation of $50-$100 is requested
    to ensure the club is sustainable and accessible to all.

    Payments can be made online at https://pps.schoolpay.com/link/wsdrama 
    or by check written to West Sylvan Middle School.
    Scholarships for students are available upon request

    If your student is interested in participating, or if you have any questions about the club,
    please reach out to the Drama Director, Louis Kruse, at lkruse@pps.net.

     Join us for an evening of theatre at
    West Sylvan Drama's first showcase!

    Students will present the skills they've been honing and different styles they've been learning,
    from monologues and improv to Shakespeare and musical theatre!

    Admission is free but all funds donated to concessions
    will go directly to the new West Sylvan Drama Program.