About Us

  • We are Faubion Elementary School. Faubion is a Pre K - 8 neighborhood school located in the heart of the Concordia community. This community, rich with diversity, is deeply committed to students and their achievement. Faubion has been the recipient of Portland Public Schools Foundation's "Excellence in Education Award" and "Sustaining Excellence Award." The State of Oregon also honored the school for closing the achievement gap in 2006.

    Our Mission Statement:

    The mission of Faubion School is to empower our students academically and socially to become passionate leaders.  We do this through deep community and family engagement and a strong commitment to equity, inclusion, and a radical sense of accountability for the success of every student.

    Our school name:

    The Board of Education names buildings after individuals who have brought honor to their country and community. James Blair Faubion was born in Portland in 1926, attended Fernwood School and served as student body president of Grant High School graduating in 1944. That year he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and was sent to Okinawa. He was wounded, paralyzed and lost both legs. He returned to Portland and died June 12, 1949. His name is inscribed over the doors of this school as a daily reminder to the youth of our country that great heroes exist in both peace and war. 

    Our Vision:

    An equitable learning community, dedicated to engage and empower students to become leaders for a more socially just world.