• Donors Choose for 5th Grade

    Business Savvy at BizTown

    My students need to attend Junior Achievement's BizTown simulation field trip.

    My Students

    I teach fifth grade at a culturally diverse PK-8 school in the center of Portland. Our school is built on a strong history of community. We are an international baccalaureate (IB) school with a Mandarin dual-language immersion program. We also have a unique partnership with local artists and Portland State University that houses a contemporary art museum within our school with an unusual pairing between early education and internationally renowned artists and their work.

    Fifth grade is such a pivotal year for students, and I am honored to be their teacher.

    We are establishing a solid, inclusive classroom community of learners. It is amazing to see my students' growth (as learners and people in general) as they navigate their last elementary school year.

    My Project

    Participating in Junior Achievement's BizTown is a life-changing, real world experience for students. Aligned to social studies standards, 5th graders will learn about financial literacy, economics and community, and work readiness skills. Students participate in in-class lessons, including applying to and interviewing for jobs and practicing writing checks and balancing a checkbook. Then students will spend an entire day in a simulation city where they are in charge of the daily operations of all of their businesses, including managing their time for cashing their paychecks, taking their breaks (including lunch), and making personal purchases.

    BizTown is a realistic, hands-on experience that is like no other.

    As amazing as it is, it also is pretty spendy for each individual student (AND TOTALLY WORTH IT). I would like to take that financial burden off of my students' families, so they can focus on learning these life skills and enjoying this opportunity.