What is the Move Toward the Dream?

    This event is our only fundraiser and is very fun. Students ask friends, family, and neighbors, even businesses to sponsor their laps around our park track with a flat donation or per lap amount. Pledges and donations can be made online using the student’s pledge page or submitted after the event using the attached envelope. If every child raises $50 ($10 donation from 5 friends), our school has the chance to raise over $15,000 to be used for teacher grants, field trips, after-school programs (SUN), and community events. This money is invaluable to our school community, but the reason this event is so special is that it:

    1. Promotes the importance of physical fitness. 

    2. Builds school spirit and pride.

    3. Create a fun, memorable experience for our kids.


    How it Works:

    1. Students set aside time to ask friends, family, and neighbors for donations (with grown-ups help). Use your pledge envelope or online page to collect pledges for each lap you run. You can use the script on the back of this page to help you prepare what to say.  

    2. Run as many laps as you can in 30 minutes. Families and Donors are encouraged to come out and cheer! Look for the run schedule a week or two before the event.

    3. Continue to use the pledge form/online page to collect pledges and donations after the run. Return physical envelopes to your classroom teacher by Oct. 17.

    4. Prize winners will be announced by Oct 31st.


    Pledge Envelopes:

    An envelope will go home with students on Sept. 14th. SAVE THIS ENVELOPE! This is the envelope you use to collect pledges and donations. It must be completed and returned to classroom teachers by Oct. 17.


    Online Pledge System:

    You and your student(s) can set up your own fundraising page and send emails to friends and family or post on social media. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

    1. Register your student as a participant by visiting

    2. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button to register your student(s).

    3. In the ‘Dreamer’ field, update the quantity to the number of students you are registering. Click on ‘Add to Cart’, then click ‘Proceed to Checkout’. 

    4. Enter in your student(s) information. Before you hit save, you can create a personalized link for your student. Click on ‘Save’.

    5. Enter in your information. Click on ‘Next’. Then, click on “PAY FREE”

    6. Your student’s fundraising link will now be visible. This is the link you will use to collect donations and/or pledges. When logged in, you can update the photograph by clicking on ‘Change Background’.


    Feel free to ask for help!  Contact Rosy Boyer at

    Tips for Success:

    1. Set a goal: # of laps or a dollar amount to raise!

    2. Set up your online fundraising page.

    3. Make a list of friends, family, neighbors, church members, and/or businesses to ask for support. You can do this in person, over the phone, or on email. Here is a sample of what to say:

    • “Hello, my name is __________________, I am a ____ grader at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Elementary School.  We are having a jog-a-thon fundraiser at my school on October 4th to raise money for school programs and teacher grants. My goal is to run _____ laps. Would you be able to support me and my school by donating money?”

    • Be sure to say, “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!” to anyone you speak to.

    1. Collect money in your pledge envelope or send an email with the link to your fundraising page for anyone you called.

    2. Get READY TO RUN!!! Be sure to eat well the day before the event and get lots of sleep. Dress in appropriate shoes, clothes or rain gear.


    Volunteers Needed!! Please help us make this event successful:

    All volunteers need to have registered with the school volunteer system before the event. Contact the fundraising team at as soon as possible to sign up.

    • Class Volunteers (3-4 volunteers per class):

      • Tally laps for their class

      • Approximately 1-hour commitment: a schedule of run times per class will be published about two weeks prior to the event

    • Set up (3-4 volunteers):

      • 8 – 9 a.m.

      • Setting up tents and tables

    • Event Coordination (3 volunteers):

      • 2 volunteers – Popsicle station

      • 1 volunteer – Accounting station

      • Available during the entire event (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.)


    Prizes - Prizes will be announced in the coming weeks


    What will the money raised be used for?

    Funds will be used to support classroom grants, school programs, SUN school, and community events at the school. 

    Is my pledge or donation tax deductible?

    Yes. All or a portion of your donation is usually tax deductible. 

    When are the donations due?

    Students must return the completed pledge form and any donations to their teacher by Oct 17th. 

    Who can I ask if I have questions?

    Contact PTA Treasurer Rosy Boyer


King PTA's Kenneth Butler Honored

King PTA's Kenneth Butler Honored

Portland Council PTA/PPS Volunteer Celebration honors PTA volunteers

L to R Kenny Butler of King PTA, Superintendent Carole Smith, Beryl Morrison of PortlandCouncil PTA, Jackee Duvall President Oregon PTA, Otto Schell of Grant PTA