Electives Forecasting

  • Forecasting for 2023-24

    Forecasting for next year 2023-24 has been extended through to MAY 12th.  Please carefully review all resources below before forecasting in StudentVue.  Thank you!

    General Resource Links:

    Forecasting Process for Electives:

           STEP 1.  Resources and elective descriptions to review before completing forecasting: 



           STEP 2. Understand how many electives to choose:

    6th graders will choose:

    • 1 PE experience 

    • 2 Priority Electives

    • 2 Alternative Electives

    7th graders will choose:

    • 1 PE experience 

    • 1 World Language experience

    • 2 Priority Electives

    • 2 Alternative Electives

    8th graders will choose:

    • 1 PE experience 
    • 1 World Language experience*
    • 1 Priority Elective
    • 2 Alternative Electives


    • *(8th grade students who would like full year band or dance as an elective may opt out of the second half of their world language course, but will not be able to receive HS credit for W.L.  W.L. will be taken during the first semester.)
    • STEP 3: Choosing Electives in StudentVue 
    1. Watch Forecasting Video to see HOW to enter electives in StudentVue

    2. Log into Student Vue.

    3. Use the Course Request Tab on the left menu of choices to open elective options.

    4. Make primary elective selections.

    5. Make alternate elective choices.

    6. Lock your selections.

    • If you have completed your forecasting and have made a mistake, please complete the following form and we will reach out to you to make adjustments, if necessary. 
    • I MADE A MISTAKE!!! link
    • OUT of District/New Student Surveys   (Open next week - March 14-18)              
    • Non-Feeder School 6th Grade Survey

    • Non-Feeder School 7th Grade Survey

    • Non-Feeder School 8th Grade Survey 

    • Questions and Support 
    • If you have specific questions about this process, or need technical support, please contact:
    • West Sylvan Main Office westsylvanoffice@pps.net

      • 503-916-5690

    • Ben Keller  bkeller@pps.net

    • Kandice Abney-8th Grade Counselor: kaabney@pps.net

    • Rebecca Cohen-6th Grade Counselor: rcohen@pps.net

    • Ricky Almeida-7th Grade Counselor: ralmeida@pps.net