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  • Message from Principal Greer - New Cell Phone Policy and Community Updates

    March 22, 2023

    Greetings Families,

    Thank you to those that were able to attend our Community Night on Wednesday! During the meeting, we shared information about our Resource Fair this Saturday, updates on the HTMS Relocation Project, and we got feedback on our new “Cell Phones Off and Away” policy. Click here to view the full slide deck from that meeting. 

    This week, Leadership students and school counselors are pushing into all classes to facilitate conversations about our new cell phone policy. Please review this policy with your child so that they are prepared to have their phones off and away during class time starting our first day back from Spring Break on Monday, 4/3. Students will be able to use their phones during passing periods and lunch, but please be assured that you and your child will still be able to contact each other in an emergency or to relay time-sensitive messages through the Main Office. 

    In addition to reviewing the policy, please consider these practices that can help your child prepare for this transition during the school day. We’ve also included some resources that you may find helpful. 


    • Research says to emphasis “Less” with teens around phones, i.e. less time on phones, less apps rather than completely take it away;

    • The biggest impact: not allowing teens access to phones at night when they are sleeping because disrupted sleep can lead to lack of focus and an overall decrease in mental health;

    • Put in place parental controls on what apps students can use and when they can use them (see below for step by step videos);

    • Turn off your student’s access to Snapchat, Instragram and TikTok during school hours. This can support them to stay focused on school work and to engage with peers face to face in positive and productive ways.



    We value your partnership in communicating the negative impact of phone use on students’ ability to focus on learning while in class. If your child is experiencing a level of anxiety or stress with this change, please reach out to their Counselor for support and possible resources.


    In Partnership,


    Trevor Greer



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