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    May 24, 2024

    Happy Friday, West Sylvan families!

    As we enter these final weeks of school for the 2023-24 school year, we want all students to have a strong finish to their school year! This is a good time to help your student check their grades, see how they may improve if they are missing items for classes, and encourage them to perform to their best ability on final projects or exams. Middle School is a time period when students are building habits for High School and University, so we want them to practice their good habits now to build a strong foundation for the future! Thank you for encouraging your students to finish their year with successful habits! As a reminder, Monday is Memorial Day, so we will see students on Tuesday!

    We are finishing up with final Math and Science OSAS exams (Science is only for 8th Graders), and each grade has a final IB MYP service project. Eighth grade students have a much more involved and personalized Capstone IB MYP project, which they have been working on for several months. Our sixth and seventh grade students will have a service opportunity through the Run for the Homeless, which is spearheaded and organized by our Ethics class students. Our goal is to give each grade of students an opportunity for a culminating project, which aligns with our IB MYP authorization work.

    The list of groups who are testing in the next two weeks are below so that your student is prepared for those days. Please send students with their charged Chromebook each day so that they are ready to go! We are moving onto Math and Science (8th graders only for Science) after English testing concludes. Please send students to school rested and nourished for testing.

    Please click here to read our full weekly Family Communication, which was sent out via email on Friday, May 24th.

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    Go Wolfpack!

    Jill Hunt, Principal
    Ben Keller, Assistant Principal