• Harrison Park Middle School Conversion

    remodeled cafeteria
    The 2020 Bond provides funding that supports the conversion of Harrison Park K-8 to a Middle School. The Harrison Park project is designed to provide a robust middle school experience at the school by upgrading the facilities to enhance academics. While not a full modernization, the work on Harrison Park will significantly upgrade the school. In addition, Harrison Park already has a number of great features that will make for a good middle school experience. Construction on the school is designed in a way to minimize the impact on students and staff. 

    Middle school students will start attending Harrison Park in fall 2023 for the 2023-24 school year.

    Share your thoughts/Contact us
    As the work continues, the design team needs your feedback on the Harrison Park upgrade project. Please click here to take a short 5 question survey. Tell us what your priorities are for the Harrison Park remodel. If you have any questions or comments to share with the design team, please reach out to us at 503-916-2222 or email: schoolmodernization@pps.net

    Harrison Park Existing Features:

    ·       The structure is in good condition and a new seismically strengthened roof was recently completed in 2021.

    ·       Two gyms

    ·       Large dance studio

    ·       Library

    ·       Unique Theater / Auditorium

    ·       Dedicated Cafeteria

    List of the upgrade work that will be done at Harrison Park:    

    ·      Improve the look and feel of all rooms

    ·      Remove K-5-sized furniture and fixtures

    ·      Upgrade the HVAC system  

    ·      Add science classrooms

    Completed work
    Phase 1 work (Summer 2022)

    The first phase of construction on Harrison Park occurred during the summer of 2022.  The remaining work will continue in one more phase, over the next two years.
    To see photos of the Summer 2022 phase one work click here.

    ·       Upgrades and refreshed finishes in the front lobby and main corridor space (including new window from main office into front lobby)

    ·       Upgrades and refreshed finishes in existing cafeteria space 

    ·       Addition of interior and exterior security cameras  

    ·       Covered bike rack at the front of building - to be completed by December 2022.

    ·       City-required street improvements and garbage enclosure and south parking lot updates.

    ·       New trash enclosure. (To be completed by December 2022.)

    Upcoming Schedule of work
    Phase 2 work (Starting Spring 2023)

    -    General classroom and corridor upgrades.
    -    Adding three additional middle school science classrooms.
    -    Restroom upgrades.
    -    Dance studio upgrades.
    -    Adding a new STEAM Lab.
    -    Counseling/Health/Special Education Office remodels.
    -    Creating a new lobby that connects the school's athletics spaces.
    -    Replacing the HVAC system.