• Harrison Park Middle School Conversion

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    The 2020 Bond funds the conversion of Harrison Park K-8 to a Middle School. The Harrison Park project is designed to provide a robust middle school experience by upgrading the facilities to enhance academics. While not a full modernization, the work on Harrison Park will significantly upgrade the school. In addition, Harrison Park already has a number of great features that will make for a good middle school experience. Construction on the school is designed in a way to minimize the impact on students and staff. Middle school students will start attending Harrison Park in the 2023-24 school year.

    If you have questions, reach out to us at 503-916-2222 or email: schoolmodernization@pps.net

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    Current Construction 2023-24

    • The current phase of construction focuses on construction of the STEAM Lab, science classrooms, art room, some Special Education spaces, and extended learning spaces.
    • Work on the new heating and cooling, and the addition of fire sprinklers is also underway.

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    Construction impacts on the school during the 2023-24 school year

    • Safety is our number one priority. Construction activity is separated from the school environment!
    • Construction in certain areas of the building will be safely closed off with barriers from the functioning learning environment. Students and staff will not come in contact with construction activities.
    • Construction dust and debris are safely contained in sealed-off areas and will not enter the school.
    • Classrooms being used this year will not be impacted by construction.
    • Students should enter through the main entrance on 87th. There will be temporary signage inside and outside the building so everyone can find where they’re going.
    • All exterior construction areas are completely fenced off with privacy screening to limit distractions.
    • The team is making every effort to minimize disruption to the learning environment. Although there will be some construction noise, the loudest activities are scheduled to take place outside of school hours.

    Work completed so far

    • Upgrades and refreshed finishes in the front lobby, main corridor space, & cafeteria space 
    • Addition of interior and exterior security cameras  
    • Covered bike rack at the front of building
    • City-required street improvements and garbage enclosure and south parking lot updates.

    Work underway this year - 2023-24 school year

    • New heating and cooling system for more comfort.
    • New fire sprinkler system.
    • New STEAM lab, science classrooms, art classroom, extended learning space.
    • Remodel, repair, and refresh Counseling, Health, and Special Education Offices.
    • Remodel, repair, and refresh gyms, dance studio.
    • New technology upgrades in all classrooms.
    • Reorganize NW classroom area for greater functionality.
    • New bleachers in the gym.
    • A new vestibule at the entrance for added safety & security.
    • Repair and upgrading of existing restrooms, classrooms, and corridors.
    • Some bathrooms will be completely renovated.

    Harrison Park Existing Features:

    Harrison Park offers many features that made its conversion to a middle school a good option. The structure is in good condition and a new seismically strengthened roof was recently completed in 2021. The school also has two gyms, a large dance studio, a unique theatre/auditorium and a dedicated cafeteria. It also has a spacious library, interior courtyards, greenhouse and a robust school garden.