• Welcome to the 20-21 School Year

    I am your principal-Cathy Murray and I am glad to be starting this year with you.  Thank you so much for your perseverance and support as we begin this  quarter of the school year with comprehensive distance learning.  This is my fifteenth year at Marysville and I just love this school.  I feel so fortunate to be part of this community.  Over the years we have worked together to overcome many challenges.  I know from experience that Together, Marysville Can Do Hard Things.

    There will be many obstacles in distance learning and we will miss being together in person.  However, we will continually work to make it as positive and supportive an experience as possible.

    I wanted to give you a little information about our school.  We are a K-8 school with about 425 students and 60 staff members.  We are a Title 1 school which means we receive extra funds.  We use these extra funds for classroom support, technology, our coaches and classroom materials. 

    As you may know, we are a mindful school.  In the short version this means we practice being fully present and paying attention.  A longer definition means we also intentionally teach brain science, self-regulation, self-awareness, kindness, gratitude, perspective,  and giving back to others.  I believe that all of these skills can help us to both be kinder to ourselves and each other and to reduce the stress from dealing with many new difficulties.  

    Additionally this year we are committed to anti-racist action, engaging our Mindfulness practices to develop an anti-racist mindset that requires reflection on the role of whiteness in racial injustice, highlights the value and humanity of Black people and provides presence in open dialogue.  This fall we will be incorporating an anti-racist curriculum in all grade levels with the intention of supporting the district vision to provide our students with the skills needed to be transformative racial equity leaders.

    Starting in January of 2021 we will be crafting a new Mission and Vision to drive our school as we convert from a K-8 to a Mindful/Anti-Racist K-5 school beginning the 2021-2022 school year.

    Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you and your family. And giving us your support and trust.


    Cathy Murray


Ms. Murray