• What makes Marysville unique?


    So many things make Marysville a Special Place


    Student Learning at Marysville combines our mindful practices with a foundation of strong systems and engaging academics.  Everyday we begin with direct, school-wide social emotional and racial justice learning paired with robust academic instruction. We believe a positive school climate and social emotional learning is not just for the students, but begins with the staff.  We have a dedicated long-term staff with very little staff turn over.  This is a school where people want to be.

    As a staff we are dedicated to constant professional development. For the next few years we are recipients of National Grants that train our staff in innovative technology and mathematics instruction.

    We have one to one access to devices for our students in grades kindergarten through fifth.  More important than the availability of the chromebooks is the coaching that teachers receive to use the technology to enhance and expand student learning.  

    Students have art, physical education, and multimedia/library classes weekly.

    Enrichment opportunities at Marysville also extend beyond the school day and classroom.  We have a fabulous partnership with Impact Northwest to support our SUN program. SUN stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods.  This program is a hub for services that help students and families.  It also provides enrichment classes before and after school.

    New this year we will have an onsite afterschool care program led by the YMCA.

    Throughout the year we provide many opportunities for the students to learn and stay connected to the larger community.  This culminates with our Marysville Gives Back project.  This is a school wide service project that happens every Spring.

    Additionally there are multiple ways for families to be involved at Marysville.  We have a Family Club, Equity Team, School Site Council, and many evening events and educational opportunities.

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