Volunteering in Schools

  • If you are a parent, guardian or community member and would like to volunteer in a school, please contact the school directly during regular hours. You will need to complete a:

    • Volunteer Application

    What to expect

    Volunteers are responsible for maintaining a professional attitude of mutual respect and confidence. Volunteers in school buildings should:

    • Be punctual and reliable

    • Notify the school in case of an absence

    • Sign in and out using the book in the office or the Volunteer Web-Based Station

    • Wear the school nametag at all times

    • Practice the professional ethics of confidentiality

    • Become familiar with school and classroom polices and practices

    • Be willing to adjust to each teacher's individual style and follow his/her directions

    • Set a good example in appearance and behavior for students

    • Contact the principal or volunteer coordinator if they are not satisfied with their volunteer placement

    Sign in 

    Volunteers should sign in when they enter the building, and sign out when they are leaving. There is generally a volunteer sign-in area in the school office; if not, ask the secretary how to record your presence.


    For safety and security, all volunteers must wear a school nametag at all times.


    Volunteers must protect teachers' and students' right to privacy. They may not disclose school information or personal matters, whether shared with them directly or overheard. They should discuss student problems or concerns with only the staff member with whom they are working or the principal.