• Hosford is an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) school. We offer an AVID elective class (for 7th & 8th grade, and as a semester intro elective for 6th grade) as part of a national program that surrounds students with supports, structures, and academic skills that propel them into advanced placement classes and set them on a journey to be college bound as they graduate high school.

    The AVID selection process targets the "middle" student, who has some successes at school, but needs help and supports to fully master class and coursework.  AVID's rigorous approach isn't for every student, but those who do join get the help they need to succeed in school and in life. Applications and interviews are required. Here is a link to the Parent FAQ: http://www.avid.org/parents-faq.ashx

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    Coordinator: Laura Sayler (lsayler@pps.net)

    8th Grade Elective Teacher: Trish Werner (twerner@pps.net)

    7th Grade Elective Teacher: Eva Danon (edanon@pps.net)

    6th Grade Elective Teacher: Dan Limb (dlimb@pps.net) and Emily Kaman (ekaman@pps.net)

    AVID's outline at Hosford for this semester is:

    Mondays: AVID Lesson, Planner Organizaion

    Tuesdays: TRF, Tutorials

    Wednesday: AVID Lesson, Binder Check

    Thursday: Study Hall, Cornell Notes

    Friday: Community Building Activities, Field Trips, Success Tracker