Hosford Middle School Student and Family Handbook

    (includes School Climate Plan)



    About Our School:


    Welcome to the Hosford Middle School family! We are glad you are here. Our mission at Hosford Middle School is Friendship - Learning - Commitment. Students and staff at Hosford are committed to building and maintaining relationships with each other and our community; learning about ourselves, others, and the world; and trying, persevering, and following through on rigorous academic and personal goals. We want every student and every family to feel welcome, included, and excited about learning and growing. If we can help or support you, please let us know! We believe relationships are important, and we want to know you and your student well.


    Hosford is a Mandarin Immersion school; one quarter of our students are continuing Mandarin studies they began in elementary school. We partner with two middle schools in Suzhou, China for a yearly student exchange. We are also an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) school, preparing students in 7th and 8th grades for college readiness; we will expand AVID to 6th grade in 2018-2019. We offer a large variety of electives for students, including Student Leadership, Mandarin (two levels), Spanish (two levels), Band (three levels), Art (three levels), Computer Technology, Woodshop, Game Design, PE/Wellness, and Mandarin Culture. 


    It is important to note that Hosford Middle School sits on ancestral lands belonging to The Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde Community, who were forcibly displaced from this area. 



    About Our Principal:


    I am excited to be in my fourth year as part of the Hosford family; I was previously a vice principal at Grant High School and the administrator for Portland Evening Scholars. I started my career teaching middle school Language Arts in New York City, have taught all grades 7 - 12, and love helping students get to that "aha" moment. I am a constructivist educator, which means that I believe students must be part of facilitating and creating their own learning, and that teachers are guides to help challenge and support their students to academic success. I am a Spanish speaker in a bilingual household, and often bring my future Hosford Husky, 3-year old Diego, to evening school events. I want to know all of our students and families, and look forward to getting to know you if I don't already. Please let me know how I can help you.