• Waste-Free Lunches at Alameda

    Alameda is an Oregon Green School, and to maintain that status waste-free and boomerang lunches are encouraged. The typical packed lunch can produce a lot of waste: garbage, recyclables, and food. 

    A waste-free lunch is one where all the lunch gear is reusable: from the washable cloth napkins, durable utensils, reusable containers, and the refillable drink container. It is a planet friendly way to pack your child’s lunch because it doesn’t produce the daily trash of single-use items.  A waste-free lunch can cost as little as $2.50 per day, whereas a regular lunch containing pre-packaged items can cost $4.50 or more per day.

    boomerang lunch is one where everything left over goes back where it came from; everything in the lunch goes back home. Leftover food, containers, recyclables, or garbage all goes back. Perhaps your child never eats the grapes or always has half a sandwich left? A boomerang lunch help families save money and reduce food waste by seeing which of the food being sent each day is actually been eaten. Currently, milk cartons are not recycled at Alameda.  If returned home and rinsed, they can be recycled from home. Many families pack a separate water bottle in the lunchbox.

    Teachers and Staff will be encouraged to help your child pack up their items so they do not get thrown away.


    A handy reference guide:


    Yes, Please!

    No, thank you.

    Reuse plastic bags

    Disposable plastic bags

    Reusable lunch containers and bags

    Prepackaged, single serve items

    Cloth napkins

    Paper napkins

    Durable forks and spoons

    Plastic forks and spoons

    Reusable lunchboxes

    Paper lunch sack

    Reusable drink containers

    Juice pouches

    Questions or want to know more?   

    Please e-mail the Alameda Green Team at greenteam@alamedaschool.org

  • Latest Waste Sort Results

    On October 10, the Alameda Junior Green Team sorted 4 bags of garbage from lunch. That day, our school community produced 9 bags of waste during lunch. The team didn''t have enough time to sort through all 9 but we believe the 4 bags that were sorted are representative of the whole.  The kids were struck by how much food was in the garbage, and a lot of it still in packaging.

    Weight of our waste

    Volume of our waste

    For pictures please visit our photo album on Facebook.