• Support Your Child's Success & Strengthen Our Community

    Together, the Alameda PTA and Foundation work to ensure that our large and diverse community is supported—enriching the lives of students, keeping families connected, and assisting and adding to our valuable staff. There are numerous opportunities to help out, but 3 of the most important and easiest things you can do are:

    #1: Join our PTA. Your tax deductible membership dues and donations help sustain PTA programs at Alameda including extracurricular clubs and activities for students, curriculum support, technology purchases, and staff professional development.

    Membership is $25/person. To join register or login at https://alamedapta.membershiptoolkit.com After entering or confirming your family contact information, you’ll be taken to our online store, where you can purchase a membership using PayPal.

    #2: Support your child’s classroom. Even if you only have limited amounts of time to spare throughout the entire school year, you can still have a positive impact. Some things you might consider doing:

    • Meet your child’s teacher(s) and stay in touch throughout the year.
    • Get to know the other children and their families in your child’s class.
    • Volunteer to chaperone a class field trip or help in the classroom.
    • Read messages sent from the Room Parent.
    • Write a thank you note to your child’s teacher(s) during staff appreciation week.

    #3: Donate to our Foundation. The Alameda School Foundation raises money to supplement the school's budget for teaching and staff positions at Alameda School and contributes to the PPS Equity Fund to help less fortunate schools. Your tax deductible one-time or recurring donation makes a difference. Foundation money raised in the 2018/2019 academic year support Kindergarten EA positions in addition to Librarian and Art positions at Alameda.  

    To donate:

    1. Go to https://thefundforpps.net
    2. Select “Alameda 10005” from the “Select Your School” drop down menu.
    3. Don’t forget to ask your employer to match your contribution!