• Bins

     Step 1: RETURN Book Bags 3+ Days prior to pick-up / Mon-Fri (7 am - 3 pm)                  



    Step 2: Locate Orange Cones  Step 3: Names on bags for pick-up

    BOOK RETURNS: M-F (7am-3pm)

    *Please RETURN Overdue books so others have a chance to read them.

    Bag Returns & NEW Book Bag Pick-ups can happen on the same day!

    Week: May 11 - 13, 2021

    Tues: Book Bag Sign-up

    Wed: Book Bag Sign-up

    Thur: Book Bag Sign-up 


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Let's Get Reading! FAQ

  • 1. How Do I Keep Track of the Books in Each Reading Bag?

  • 2. How Can I Tell What is a Library Book and What is Not?

  • 3. What If I Lose a Book?

  • 4. What If I Lose the Reading Bag?

  • 5. What If I Damage a Book?

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