• Alameda PTA & Foundation

    Alameda Elementary is supported by two parent-led organizations.

    Alameda is fortunate to have a robust Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and School Foundation to support our school with enhanced funding and volunteer power. These organizations would not be successful without the Alameda community’s outstanding support, and they each meet critical needs of our school.

    Where does the money go?

    The PTA and Foundation each raise funds and work to ensure that our large and diverse community is supported—enriching the lives of students, keeping families connected, and assisting and adding to our valuable staff. In a typical year of fundraising for each organization, the distribution of funds raised by the two organizations is as follows:

    Distribution of funds raised at Alameda

  • The Alameda PTA

    The Alameda PTA coordinates and funds a variety of classroom, student, and community enrichment activities including:

    • Supplies and training for teachers.
    • Student enrichment such as the Battle of the Books, Chess Club, and Green Team.
    • For community benefit such as the clothing drive, legislative advocacy, and food drive.
    • Community building events such as our Back to School Picnic, Family Math and Science Nights, and movie nights.

    To support these activities, the PTA has a number of fundraisers including annual memberships, weekly SCRIP sales, Fred Meyer Rewards program, and merchandise sales.

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  • The Alameda School Foundation

    The Alameda School Foundation is a parent-led, non-profit fundraising organization operating under the newly established The Fund for Portland Public Schools.

    The sole mission of the Foundation is to raise private dollars to support teaching and staff positions at Alameda School through parent-led fundraising. In years past, Foundation money has been used to preserve special programs, such as music, P.E., and specialized library services, that would have otherwise been cut due to lack of funds. Foundation raised money has paid for grade-level teachers to add sections and reduce class sizes, and consistently funds Educational Assistants for all grade levels.

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