Physical Education


    Hello, Vernon Owls!  We are Paula Politte and Michael Rittman, your new PE teachers for the 2020-21 school year!
    While we are digitally learning from home, PE at Vernon will look nothing like it has ever looked before! Both of us will hold LIVE PE classes once a week for each student at Vernon. Besides LIVE PE, students will have the opportunity to access each teacher's "BITMOJI CLASSROOM." 
    During LIVE PE, students will be able to workout from the comforts of their own homes! Workouts require little to no equipment. Students will encounter stretching, dancing, muscular strength exercises, endurance workouts, High Intensity Interval Training, sports specific exercises and much much more! Both Ms. Paula & Mr. Rittman will do the best they can to make each live workout FUN and ENGAGING!
    Our BITMOJI CLASSROOM's offer students asynchronous activities. All images in both teachers' Bitmoji Classrooms can be clicked on, and are links which direct students to different types of at home physical activities! The links to our Bitmoji Classrooms are below!
    Please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns!
    Mrs. Paula Politte
    Mrs. Paula's Bitmoji Classroom is on Seesaw for K-5 and Canvas for 6-8
    Mr. Michael Rittman