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  • The Visual Arts deepens our understanding of ourselves as well as our understanding of the world we live in. It helps us define where we came from, who we are and what we want to become.


    Art encourage students as individuals while simultaneously creating a sense of community. Students will learn what their responsibility is as a member of the local and global community through a variety of individual and collaborative art projects, all of which are open-ended and unconstrained by right and wrong answers. Students will be introduced to the elements and principles of design through two-dimensional and three dimensional works.

    The process of creating in and out of the classroom includes experiences through new ideas, concepts, skills, media, and processes that are introduced and revisited many times throughout a student’s artistic journey. Students will gain a deepened understanding of art through observation, history, conversation, and of course physical manipulation of different artistic mediums. The art curriculum is often influenced and woven into the classroom curriculum which offers a holistic understanding of the content and will build students confidence in themselves as life-long learners. 

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