• The music program at Vernon focuses on providing students an opportunity to let their creativity and talent flourish while exploring the social and cultural values within their own community as well as those of other cultures.  Not only do students express themselves through singing, dancing, and performing, but   also, through practice, playing, and learning how to care for a variety of both rhythmic and melodic instruments.  In celebrating music from around the world, and within our community, students are able to experience the musical variations and similarities between different cultures as a means to understanding our diverse and changing world. 

    As IB learners, we reflect on the history of music and how it has impacted the world around us.  We discuss the use of music as a form of communication and global language.  We listen to music through a variety of perspectives. Our overall concern is to provide an environment where students feel motivated to learn and to develop their potential as artists and as contributing members of a global community.   

    Martha Bryan

    Vernon IB School – Music Teacher

     Vernon musicians

    Above:  Kindergarten performs at Bagels with Ben and Brad in spring of the 2015/16 school year.

    Below:  The Vernon Choir performs at Pioneer Courthouse Square in December of 2015.

    Vernon musicians