• Parents and Staff Organizations

    Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School is supported by the following parent and staff organizations:

    Buckman Community Partnership (BCP)

    BCP provides oversight, counsel and review of our SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) program at Buckman, in order to promote social services, family success, community building and political involvement at Buckman.

    Buckman Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    The Buckman PTA works to enhance educational opportunities for students and families, supports staff and promotes family involvement in our school with emphasis on the arts and arts integration. Buckman PTA is a membership organization, but all families are welcome to participate. The PTA organizes many of the school's community building and fundraising events.

    Buckman Site Council

    The Buckman Site Council is a school leadership body legislated by Portland Public Schools. Elected representatives work with the school principal to develop plans to improve instructional programs, provide for staff development, deepen parent involvement and engagement as well as create and monitor a comprehensive school improvement plan.

    Buckman Foundation

    The Buckman Foundation is one of over 30 Local School Foundations (LSFs) operating under the umbrella of the nonprofit Portland Schools Foundation (PSF) (www.thinkschools.org). Money raised through the Buckman Foundation is the only way we are able to fill the gap between funds provided for staffing by Portland Public Schools and funds needed to maintain our desired staffing model. The Buckman Foundation works closely with other parent and staff organizations to determine an annual fundraising need and organizes some of Buckman's major events, including the annual Buckman Auction, Buckman Dines Out and Buckman signature apparel sales.

    Buckman Inside Out (BIO) Landscape Redesign Project

    The Buckman Inside Out (BIO) Project's purpose is to bring the creativity, learning and magic that happens inside the Buckman school walls to the outside spaces surrounding our school. Our goal is to provide safe, beautiful, sustainable, artful play spaces where our school and neighborhood community will gather, learn and enjoy. We can't keep our creativity inside anymore!

    In March 2008 conversations started between Buckman parents and staff about crafting a 5-year plan to surround our school with as much art, play, beauty and learning as we have on the inside—with the added benefit of nature. As it exists now, our outside is decidedly less creative than our inside, so we're working hard to turn our creativity inside out!