• Vermont Hills Family Life Center at Buckman

    Vermont Hills Family Life Center is a nonprofit organization that provides quality childcare at Buckman Elementary School before and after school hours. The Center is dedicated to enriching the lives of children through an emotionally and physically secure environment that promotes self-esteem through positive role models and a well-defined curriculum. Vermont Hills respects each child's unique ability to experience fun, wonder and challenge, and prioritize the accommodation of every individual at his or her developmental stage.

    Vermont Hills not only supplies the family with nurturing childcare and preschool, but provides education, development and support through a variety of family services. The Center emphasizes opportunities for staff growth, and place a high value on open communication, teamwork, and professionalism. Please don't hesitate to contact Vermont Hills with any questions.



    Kevin Telles

    Remie Walker

    Sarah Presler


    Vermont Hills Main Office – 503-452-8633

    Vermont Hills Buckman Office - 503-477-2630

    It is very important that you call Vermont Hills if your child is ill or absent from this program. In order to avoid many calls in an attempt to track down your child in the event of an absence, it is imperative that you notify Vermont Hills on the day she/he is out. Please call Vermont Hills' Main Office (503-452-8633) at any time before school dismissal, and they will forward the information to your child’s teacher.