• The Beaumont Foundation raises funds to pay for staffing beyond what is funded by PPS. PPS students benefit from the additional financial support received from Foundation contributions. In 2016-17, our Foundation raised $77,095.70. With the assistance of these funds, Beaumont was able to support existing and new positions including: Music, Drama, Health and Student Support. 
    Please include a monthly contribution to the Foundation in your household budget. Establishing a recurring monthly contribution of $5, $10, or more allows you to finance your tax-deductible contribution across the year, at a level you can afford. 
    There are two ways to make your donation:
    (1) Send a check to the office, payable to "Beaumont Foundation"
    (2) Go to (make sure to click on "Beaumont MS" as the recipient)
    Thank you for your support,
    The Beaumont Foundation Co-Chairs Karen Fogg & Sarah Hepp

    What is the Beaumont Foundation?

    Click here to learn about the Beaumont Foundation.