Site Council

  • School Site Councils were mandated in 1991 by the Oregon Legislature with the passage of the “Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century.” ORS 329.704 states:

    1. "There shall be established at each school a 21st Century Schools Council." [These are commonly called Site Councils.] "The duties...shall include but not be limited to:
      1. The development of plans to improve the professional growth of the school’s staff;
      2. The improvement of the school’s instructional program;
      3. The development and coordination of plans for the implementation of programs under this chapter at the school;
      4. The administration of grants-in-aid for the professional development of teachers and classified district employees..."
    2. A Site Council "shall be composed of teachers, parents, classified employees and principal or the principal’s designee, as follows:
      1. Not more than half the members shall be teachers;
      2. Not more than half the members shall be parents;
      3. At least one member shall be a classified employee; and
      4. One member shall be the principal or the principal’s designee."
    3. In addition other members may be "...including but not limited to local school committee members, business leaders, students and members of the community at large."
    4. Members of a site council "shall be selected as follows:
      1. Teachers shall be licensed teachers elected by licensed teachers at the school site;
      2. Classified employees shall be elected by classified employees at the school site;
      3. Parents shall be selected by parents of students attending the school;
      4. Other representatives shall be selected by the council."

    School Improvement Plan (SIP)

    To fulfill the mandate of the state legislature, the Beaumont MS Site Council has developed and will approve a School Improvement Plan (SIP). The Plan will:

    • delineate both long- and short-term school improvement objectives;
    • include specific actions, specific personnel, and measurable outcomes.

    The Site Council will:

    • solicit input regarding the SIP from staff, parents, administration, students, and community members;
    • closely monitor progress toward attainment of the objectives during the school year;
    • review and revise as necessary the SIP each spring for the following school year.

    In addition, the Site Council:

    • may review the allocation of BMS resources including the operating budget, and grants or allocations from the Beaumont Foundation, PTA, Booster Club, and other sources;
    • will receive regular reports from the Curriculum Planning Team;
    • will provide advice to the principal regarding the distribution of FTE. Whenever there is a change in the allocation of FTE to Beaumont, the principal will alert the Site Council. After Site Council discussion, the principal will make the final decision.

Site Council Members

  • Harriette Vimegnon, Principal

    Cynthia Plank, Teacher

    Iris Love, Classified