• scienceScience at Beaumont is taught by specialists trained in their particular field of knowledge. Science is taught by grade level. Each class offers a variety of learning experiences, including field trips, lab experiments, dissections, independent study, computer simulations, and more! One of the highlights of the year at Beaumont is the annual Science Fair, an event that all students eagerly look forward to.

    The Program of Study:

    Sixth Grade Integrated Science:

    • Weather and Atmosphere
    • Energy
    • Cell Biology and Disease
    • Body Systems


    Seventh Grade Integrated Science:

    • Erosion and Deposition
    • Plate Techtonics
    • Chemistry of Materials
    • Ecology


    Eighth Grade Integrated Science:

    • Earth in Space
    • Forces and Motion
    • Waves
    • Evolution
    • Genetics


    Science teachers at Beaumont are:

    • Highly Qualified
    • in possession of Advanced Degrees
    • experienced
    • specialists in their subject area