Hosford Middle School Bands

  • Opening of the House, Salem, Oregon Download practice forms/journal here:
    Still need an instrument for the school year? Not sure what you want to play? Tigard music will be on hand with all the instruments so that students can try them out to help make the best choice for success. If you are a returning student or you already know what you want to play, show up just to rent. Here are the options:
    1) Rent from Tigard Music - They will have rentals available and ready to go. Rental prices vary.
    2) Rent from the district - $75 for the year/Free for free and reduced lunch.
    3) Rent from your store of choice - many options if you want to shop around.
    There are many bad instruments out there whether they are new, on craigslist, on ebay, or from a pawn shop. There is nothing more frustrating for a young musician than a faulty instrument. If you would like to purchase an instrument please talk to Mr. Johnston first so that you know you are making the right choice.