News Sources for Current Events

  • Analyzing News Sources:

    Is a news source reliable and reputable? Is it biased?


    When viewing any news item, or especially a website, do so with skepticism. Remember that you don't know who made the site, where their information came from, or if they are truthful and accurate. It’s rare that a news article does not have some degree of bias. Look for the bias!


    Ask yourself:

    • Does the person who created the article/site seem valid and informed? If yes, what about their article seems valid? If you are skeptical about their validity, why?
    • Who is the person responsible for the article or website? Try to research their background and previous experience?
    • Do they work or are they connected to an organization or business that I've heard of? (for example "Yahoo" or "The Oregonian") What does that tell you if they are or are not working for a well known organization?
    • What date was this article/or website published or last updated? Is it current or is it outdated?
    • Are there obvious errors that cause me to question this source? (for example typos, spelling errors, basic facts are incorrect)
    • Does the source or author claim to be neutral, but is clearly missing one side of the story or perspective on the issue? Can you think of any perspectives that are missing?
    • Does the site seem to have a clear bias? Does it represent a specific opinion? Is it sided with a particular political or social agenda? Is one side’s perspective given more space or time than the others?


    Fact  Here’s a site that “checks the facts” on reported news items. They specialize in political facts. They provide accurate reporting; particularly important with campaign advertisements and politically motivated email scams.

    Bill of Rights / Civil Rights


    Bill of Rights in the News: daily headlines from the Bill of Rights Institute; breaking news related to the Bill of Rights.

    Local and United States News Sources

    Oregonian: a site for local and state news. Search by keyword for recent stories.

    Statesman Journal: Salem newspaper that focuses on local and state news.

    Portland Tribunemostly local Portland area news. Search by author of article or keyword.

    Willamette Week: Local metro-Portland news. Slanted slightly left on the political spectrum. Cover Stories good for high level current event: they are "meaty" with in depth discussion of topic.

    Portland Observer: "The Portland Observer is the oldest continuous African-American owned publication in the State of Oregon. Our website and our weekly newspaper are committed to cultural diversity. Our focus is to bring stories focusing on education, health, politics, and law and justice to our readers."

    The Skanner: A weekly newspaper published in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. “The Skanner News Group has advanced the cause of the Black Press in the North Western United States.”

    The Asian Reporter: A monthly newspaper published in Portland, Oregon, that is “Your Source for International, Rgional, and Local Asian News.”

    El Hispanic News: "English/Spanish monthly newspaper in the Portland metro area"

    OPB News: Oregon Public Broadcasting - text and audio news stories -- local, state, and national.

    KOIN 6 News: Channel 6 News has an easy to maneuver site. Has a clear list of local news stories and national news stories.

    KPTV FoxNews 12: Portland's Fox affiliate

    New York Times: National and international news. Considered a reputable and well reported newspaper. Good search engine on site. 

    Christian Science Monitor: an independent & non-profit news source that, according to the monitor, “tries to tell the worldwide human story with integrity, balance, and thoughtfulness.”

    The Wall Street Journal: National and international news with an economic focus. 


    NPR: National Public Radio. You can listen to radio articles and programs on many political, social and environmental issues. The articles are generally written out within two days of the story.

    Google News: The general search engine that you know and love, with a news focus.

    International media sources

    BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation, for a European perspective world affairs. Very reputable international news source. Based out of London, England. Website can be viewed in 43 different languages. Use the left bar to search for news by continent or topic. Also includes informative country profiles. At the bottom of each country profile is a list of media sources for that country. WOW!
    CIA World Factbook: A United States government source about countries -- informative and well-maintained.

    CBC: Canadian Broadcasting Corp: for a Canadian perspective on US and world affairs.

    Online Newspapers: links to newspapers according to the regions of the globe or by country.

    Mondo Times: “the worldwide media guide, providing fast access to newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations and news agencies worldwide.”

    TFF News Navigator: contains "mainstream" and "alternative," Western and non-Western media. "The Internet permits us to develop a global rather than national focus, to reduce the Western biases of a handful of media conglomerates..."

    World Press Review Online contains excerpts from and URLs to, comments and analyses from the world's press.

    Better World Links: Basic collection of news and media sources; created by a "Socially committed German citizen and physician, Dr. Norbert."

    Partisan News Sources:

    These sources have a biased perspective. They offer analysis of news, not news. Use them to get a different perspective on a news item of interest to you.

    The Heritage Foundation: A conservative think tank that publishes research on domestic, economic, foreign and defense policy.

    Center for American Progress: A progressive think tank offering policy proposals, talking points, events, news and columns. Progress Report   is the center’s daily news report.

    Democracy Now: “Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides our audience with access to people and perspectives rarely heard in the U.S.corporate-sponsored media, including independent and international journalists, ordinary people from around the world who are directly affected by U.S. foreign policy, grassroots leaders and peace activists, artists, academics and independent analysts.”

    Political Cartoons!

    Cagle Political Cartoons has links to over 100 political cartoons by international cartoonists. Scroll down the home page:- at the bottom you'll find the cartoonists listed by country and newspaper!

    Today’s Political Cartoons allows reader to search for cartoons by topic!