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    Hosford Middle School has an interesting and rich history.

    Rev. Chancey O. Hosford (1820-1911) was born in New York state and came to Oregon in 1845. He studied theology at "Oregon Institute" before it was renamed Williamette University, and was a Methodist minister at Vancouver, Washington in the 1850's and at Mt. tabor beginning about 1861. He was also a school teacher.  While living and studying at Salem, he had acquired a land claim, and he traded that for 200 acres on Mt. Tabor. From: Portland Names and Neighborhoods by Eugene E. Snyder.

    (1919-1926) The first Hosford program was located in eight portables at S.E. Stephens and 30th streets. School opened September 2, 1919 and during the first school year three more portables were added. The construction for all eleven buildings was $25,640. A total of 296 pupils were enrolled that first year. The school was named for an early Mount Tabor schoolteacher and minister, Chauncey O. Hosford. The school moved to its present location at the beginning of the 1926-27 school year. The original site together with other properties was exchanged in 1934 for the Cleveland High School athletic field.
    (1926) The construction on the present Hosford School began during the 1924-25 school year and the building was opened on September 7, 1926. The original structure had twenty-eight classrooms, two gymnasia, and an auditorium. There was a major addition to the building in 1954. In 1926-27 the school grounds were 3.37 acres. Now the grounds cover 6.6 acres.

    Hosford 1953 addition

     Hosford's Addition

    An article we found written by Jesse Leonard in 1964 explains Hosford's interesting past.

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