Hosford is Going Green

  • Bringing the sun to Hosford!

    In April of 2013 Continental Tire and MLS WORKS provided funds to bring a 2.8kW solar demonstration project, renewable energy education materials, and live data monitoring to Hosford Middle School as part of Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s Solar 4R Schools program.  This PV system is installed in the schoolyard and provides a real-world example of solar energy technology for students and visitors.  Hosting this system helps educators to discuss the critical and complex energy principles that will help shape our future and theirs.

    You can find the solar array behind the school, a kiosk in the library displays data.



    Estuary Does Hosford have a gravity fountain?

    Hosford teamed up with the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership to build a bioswale. You can read the details of how this helps the city of Portland handle stormwater runoff. Hosford students learn about this very important asset that helps restore watershed health. Part of the feature includes a rock bubbler that only flows when it rains. Come sit on a bench and check it out.




    backdoor After learning about where food comes from, what's next?

    US Fish and Wildlife has also been helping Hosford grow! Together with Lowe's Toolbox we built Hosford's first native plant garden through a program called Connecting People with Nature. The native plant garden, coined "The Garden of Generations", gives students and community a new place to enjoy our natural Northwest habitat. Students will learn about nature and why we enjoy it so much. We will always need help maintaining our school's plants and trees. If you're interested please contact us and/or see our Garden Club!




Thanks for Helping Make hosford Better!

  • We appreciate you and more!

    There are too many people to thank for all the help!

    Hosford staff, students and PPS appreciates everyone who has chipped in and gave this school a new look. So much so that we are doing what we can to do more to improve this campus that we share with our community everyday. If you think you can help us do more to be a greener, community oriented, and student supportive school please let us know.

     Here are a few ideas of what we could do to improve Hosford:

    • Healthier turf for sports or a new sports field
    • Volunteers & monies to plant trees, water, and maintain all Hosford's plants
    • New computers that use less power and are faster; we can recycle the old
    • Donate and/or join Hosford's PTSA that supports our school everyday